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Uk guys selecting wives that are foreign their «Stepfordesqene ss»

Uk guys selecting wives that are foreign their «Stepfordesqene ss»

Centered on my test measurements of 4 (doubt when there is research on this) we have noticed Uk males marrying Mediterranean/Asian women and then experencing v different marriages than people they know with British wives. The 4 under consideration can be mysogynistic generally speaking however the method they treat their spouses, I cannot imagine as much ethnic Uk females placing up with. They have been nearly slaves, chained to your household, do 100% housework/childcare ( and none of those males work very long hours/ have actually commutes). They’ve a lot of hobbies, spouses have actually none. Vehicle is for his or her single usage. Etcetera etc.

So, We have began to think: have actually these males deliberatly searched for these ‘submissive’ spouses? Is this only a blip in ppl i recognize or component of a wider trend?

It is interesting that whenever he tried to help her in the kitchen she felt awkward and embarrassed, so would tell him to go and sit down because I knew a British man who married a woman he’d met on the internet from Khazakstan, and she told me.

Therefore possibly it is not that the guys are ‘treating’ these females differently – perhaps the ladies prefer it that real way, for the reason that it is exactly what they truly are accustomed? (más…)